How I Became an Athlete

October 30, 2012
By Anonymous

This selection is about a baseball player who is just learning how to play the game, and isn't very good to start. After practices and a little dedication his team had won the championship. the main reason they won the championship was because of a double play he made in right field.

The author's comments:
In "How I Became an Athlete" in the October issue of Teen Ink, I was impressed by Raymond Pomponio's writing. I feel that this selection is very dramatic, and I like the way that they end their baseball season. I can relate to this story because I am also a baseball player that started out not very good, but after a couple years of hard training and practice, I can help our team achieve our goals. I am also very surprised that he was able to make that type of play in a championship game to help win it, especially his first year of playing

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