How I Became a Murder

October 30, 2012
By Ally Moore BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
Ally Moore BRONZE, Defiance, Ohio
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In Chelsea Stratton's story "How I Became a Murder" in October's issue left me shocked and sad. After reading the selection, I wanted to cry! Everyday innocent dogs are put down for no reason, and this selection proved it. I felt bad for Chelsea having to put the dog down because she expressed how much she didn't want to put it down. I know I wouldn't be able to. If I were Chelsea, I would have walked out, went to my boss, and told her that she can take the life of an innocent dog. I do disagree that Chelsea went through and took the dogs life. I know it is her job to do so, but she should have stuck up for herself and the dog. I was very shocked at the end when someone called and wanted to adopt the dog she had just put down. I was also sad and felt guilty, and I didn't have to put the dog down! I thought it was very nice that Chelsea put the dog’s ashes on the beach shore. This showed how much the dog meant to Chelsea.

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