How I Became a Murderer

October 31, 2012
By Anonymous

In “How I Became a Murderer” in the October issue of Teen Ink, I was impressed by Chelsea Stratton’s honesty. She willingly opened up and described her emotional reactions to her experience in great depth. Emotionally shaken by simply reading the article, I completely understand why she was so upset about putting a dog down. Similarly, I fully concur that euthanasia is a cruel art, especially when the dogs are simply unwanted. Humane societies and animal shelters should do the best they can to place dogs and other animals in loving homes because it is their job. On the other hand, I was astonished that she continued to euthanize dogs for a while even though she was against the idea. If I feel something that I’m doing is unjust, I would certainly stop the action immediately. Chelsea Stratton witnessed the horrors and unfairness of euthanasia and suffered from guilt that accompanied killing a living creature, but she refused to witness the injustice any longer and she quit her job.

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