How I Became a Murderer

October 18, 2012
By limabean2240 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
limabean2240 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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How I Became a Murderer by Chelsea S was the first fictional piece I had ever cried over. Yes; I had actually wept because of a few paragraphs of words. I couldn’t sleep that night, and kept replaying in my head what she described: a needle being injected into the skin of an unwanted dog.
It’s sad to think about the reasons why humans kill other living creatures. It really gets me thinking, too. Why do we put animals to sleep? Why don’t we put our own kind asleep? Humans have already reached the 7 billion mark in population. There are fewer dogs than us, yet we still kill them in order to lower their population. Animals should have rights. In fact, once I graduate from 8th grade, I’ll start an animal rights club in high school. Thanks, Chelsea, for improving my opinion on the human race.

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