October 18, 2012
“hey” by Addi F focuses on how one text could lead to a bout of turmoil and anxiety. She receives a text from her crush, and even though it only consisted of three letters, her heart races. She scrambles for an acceptable reply. She can’t seem too eager, and she can’t seem too indifferent. Oh, what to do? Oh! Yes, it’s perfect!
Just a change in capitalization and an addition of punctuation is all it takes, but then there’s another issue. Did she reply too early? Should she have waited? This is a problem that we teenage girls face. How do we reply to a text from that special someone?
She then goes on to mention that after their heartfelt conversation (sarcasm there), the boy is seen holding hands with another girl. What happened to their messages? He had texted her first. Doesn’t that mean anything? Her story ends with a late night message from the boy. “hey” “Hey.”
Reading “hey” made me turn to my friend and laugh. I’m in this situation right now.I like him. He’s oblivious. It’s like any other teen’s story. My question-how can we come off as totally calm, when on the inside, we’re anything but? How do we get over the aching feeling when we see him with other girls? How do we cope? “hey” not only made me sympathize, it also made me come to realize the hold an innocent crush can have on a person. Even though Addi was crushed when she saw him with another girl, she still replied to his text. Why? What makes a crush to undeniable?
How can we break free?

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Addi_Grace This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Jan. 29, 2013 at 8:34 pm
  Thank you so much for reading my story:) I really appreciate it. Your feedback made me smile.  This is an awesome response letter, too. I think that the reason innocent crushes are so undeniable is simply because--well, they're innocent. Nobody is supposed to get hurt, but we girls always over-invest and end up battered and bruised while the "liked" party doesn't even know what they did wrong.
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