Ghost House Feedback

October 18, 2012
By Irene Chan SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Irene Chan SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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"Ghost House" by "Rosa" left a big impression on me. In the article, Rosa talks about going back to her old house and remembering all the good times that she has had there. As she walks through the newly painted rooms that seem foreign to her, she begins to feel all kinds of emotions and see many scenes from when she was still a resident at the house.
Rosa visited different rooms that she spent most of her childhood in. She counted the steps as she walked up the stairs and imagined that it was still the way it used to be. She sees her best friend sitting on a box and drinking Gatorade and her father herding cattle outside as all the memories come back to her.
As I reached the end of the article, the letters had begun to blur. That was when I realized that I was crying. I could feel the emotion in each sentence. Rosa described events in a way that made the images pop into my mind the moment she finished describing them. She also made me remember the day my aunt moved out of the house I spent so much of my time in. I remember standing on the spot where I would spend Saturday nights watching television shows with my brother, "camping out," and eating crackers with cheese on them.
"Ghost House" left me thinking about how I will be moving out of my house someday and how I will have to leave all those memories behind. I don't know if I will ever come back like Rosa did, but I know one thing. I will not cry.

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