Response to "Orange Right 50 Hi-Lo"

October 17, 2012
By admathias BRONZE, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
admathias BRONZE, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"Flying is learning how to throw yourself at the ground and miss."

The story, “Orange Right 50 Hi-Lo” caught my eye immediately because I’m a football fan (and former player) so obviously, I knew Josh titled the story after a football play. It’s an inspiring story about a scholarly kid that gets injured in an attempt to win an important football game. While in the air making a catch, completely vulnerable to defenders, he gets brutally hit and knocked to the ground, suffering a severe concussion, but persevering. Being a student-athlete myself, I know injuries. I’ve had concussions before, and I can relate to Josh’s difficulties in school after the head injury. I respect his ability and desire to get back on the field and help his team out, something I would do exactly. The story was well written and kept me interested throughout it entirely.

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