Feedback for the Cabin in the Woods Review

October 11, 2012
By Evan77 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
Evan77 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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While flipping through the pages of Teen Ink, my eyes glazed over the movie reviews. The Lorax, Vampire Hunter, blah blah blah. But one review did catch my attention; The Cabin in the Woods. This is a movie that I have seen numerous ads and brief recommendations for, but being me, I took them for a grain of salt. However, the fact that Teen Ink publishes reasonably reliable and frank reviews, led me to at least skim Mr. Connor Smith’s horror movie critique. After reading the second sentence, I was already hooked.

Many reviewers tend to be extremely vague when describing the plot of a book or movie, and personally that gets on my nerves. While wouldn't’t appreciate a big old spoiler with no opinions, I want to get a reasonably detailed sense of what I am going to see. Therefore I was happy to see that this was described in the perfect way. Sometimes reviewers fill their reviews with big adjectives and deep opinions, but Connor laid down the line by horrifically capturing my attention and holding it there. Things like “But when five teens wander into the basement, all hell breaks loose.” Made my hair stand up as I was left to imagine wandering into that basement surrounded by my own fears, not some cheesy adjective thrown in afterword which would mess up my scared, wandering mind. In conclusion I really appreciated how creepy and direct Connor was in reviewing The Cabin in the Woods. I will definitely rent the film myself.

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I hope to backup this review through my feedback.

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