Not-So-Silent Majority

September 26, 2012
By Mimi_M. BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Mimi_M. BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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The World is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion. - Thomas Paine

I can say without a doubt that Shreekari is my inspiration now! I found a plethora of related issues that she and I face in her article "Not-So-Silent Majority". The subtle situation in our nation today is difficult to address sue to the majority of American denizens disagreeing with other belief systems, just like she thoroughly explained. Being told that "as a non-Christian I have no place in America" does, in fact, hurt. Nobody should be out to force personal religious beliefs on others if they don't happen to be similar to yours. Religious bullying is difficult to stamp out since it is not as main stream as the issues of gender equality and LGBT equality. Like Shreekari, I hope that in the future people would simply tolerate and appreciate the differences found in other individuals. I've given her a lot of praise already, but Shreekari did a phenomenal job at expressing these issues. Applauds to you ms.!

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