First Day Back Madeline White, Coats, NC

September 25, 2012
By KirstyB BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
KirstyB BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Madeline W's article, "First Day Back" inspirational and extremely moving. Although it was fiction, it touched me in a way I thought was impossible. It forced me to think about the hardships of life and how much I personally dread going to school. It made me think that what I consider to be hard really is not compared to others and what they go through. Some teenagers in high school have to deal with severe illnesses, diseases, and disabilities. My biggest "hardship" is time management and not knowing what to wear to school the next day. It's incredible how strong some kids NEED to be. My absolute favorite part in the article was when she walked outside and saw fifty people, all wearing white and all of them bald. I felt like the girl in the article, and I wanted to cry myself. It was simply amazing and I loved it. Thank you, Madeline for writing such a magnificent article and for inspiring me to support others with problems much greater than mine.

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