"Be a Man"

September 25, 2012
By KelvHuynh BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
KelvHuynh BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I strongly agree with Black's opinion of the "taboo" that forbids men from crying in his article "Be a Man". Blake was taught never to cry because men do not cry. Women and children were allowed to cry, but a man sobbing was frowned upon. More people should have the same opinion as Black and "man up and just cry." The majority of today's society thinks that if a man cries, he cries away his manhood. Suppose a U.S Marine stationed in Afghanistan was ambushed with his fellow brother in arms, he survives the frenzy but unfortunately his comrade does not. If he cries would he no long be addressed as a man? Should he just "man up" after witnessing such a tragic and psychological event? Everyone cries regardless of the gender and that is just the fact of life.

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