Things I'll Tell My Daughter Someday

September 25, 2012
By thatasiancasie BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
thatasiancasie BRONZE, Glendale, Arizona
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A big round of applause to Julie for her awe-inspiring article about the future things she will tell her daughter. I found her article to be extremely heart-warming and moving. I was astounded reading this because it demonstrated that the world may not always be a nice place to live, and it won't always treat you right, however, one can always get through it and overcome any obstacle. Honestly, it was very well-said, and the way it was written was simply beautiful. I wholeheartedly agree with this article because this would be the type of advice I give my own daughter in the future. "... Please find it in your heart to forgive me on days the world is too much for you, I take you by the hand and tell you that in sky, if you squint really hard, you might find a God, like you find a leprechaun or a genie. Catch him and obtain a pot of gold or three wishes, because, daughter, that's how it is some days" When this was said, I could not help but feel inspired and hopeful. This article is amazing, and thank you, Julie, for writing it because it really opened my eyes to new ideas. Fairy tale endings may not be in real life, yet the saddest thing in life is not to live. I hope Julie keeps writing articles because she really does have a gift.

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