This I Promise by Kim, Chapel Hill, NC

September 25, 2012
By BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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I found Kim's article very touching. Her experience of evolving into a better person was truly amazing to me. When I first came across her article, her title had shout for my attention. While I was reading, it grew on me that her pain was very extreme; I had put myself into her shoes. Because of those three girls that had realized her bad situation and insisted her to stop, that was what changed her life. She proved that their are unknown strangers that can show sympathy when you least believe that you can receive any. I love how Kim replaces her cut CD with a sharpie and draws a butterfly for every time she feels pain. She quoted in her article, "Instead of self harm, draw a butterfly. The butterfly will fade until it is completely flown away, along with with your worries." I thank you Kim for your inspiring life changing story.

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