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September 27, 2012
By Rebecca Krupatkin BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Rebecca Krupatkin BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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I have become very fond of the article “NYC Dreams” by L. Giles, for I feel a tremendous connection with the writer. She helped me finally see a legitimate explanation for the joy and excitement writing brings me.

The article compares the spirit one has when writing to that of one of the millions of pedestrians walking through New York City, the city that has it all. When walking through the busy streets of the concrete jungle, one feels as if he or she is one in a million tourists, residents, actors, writers, doctors, etc., making their way through the city, but at the same time, everyone feels as if there is a place for them in the bizarre mess.

This is exactly what writing feels like to me, and perhaps to other passionate authors. All of the words seem to be a mess, but at the same time each fits perfectly in its position. Each pedestrian makes the city the wonderful place it is, for without that one actor, singer, or dietician, the city wouldn’t be the amazing place it is.

It’s the same with writing. Every word I put on paper has a special meaning to me. Within the thousands and thousands of words I put in any piece, there isn’t a single one that’s meaningless. Each word makes a piece of literature a magnificent and original creation. The author feels like she has great purpose, for, because of her work and talent, there is a new piece of literature in the world.

Often, people ask me how I can possibly enjoy writing. One can never understand the excitement and spirit of writing until they write. This seemingly unexplainable phenomenon was well explained thanks to this article by L. Giles. Now, if anyone dares to question my passion for writing, I easily can compare the feeling of creating an original piece of literature to the feeling of cruising along the streets of New York City.

Writing and New York City have much in common, but most importantly, in both, one never knows what will happen next – from what song a street performer will sing to an insane plot twist an author has created. Writing is more than just putting vocabulary words on paper; it is about freedom and excitement, just like exploring New York City.

“NYC Dreams” by L. Giles is by far one of the most meaningful and greatest articles I have read in a long time.

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