Diary of a Hoarder's kid

September 13, 2012
By Anonymous

"diary of a hoarders kid" is a bitter sweet narrative describing the life of, as the title states, a hoarders kid. the piece gives you an inside look on the narrators life inside a cluttered house, and her hope that one day she will be free of the mess. the piece goes into great detail about parts of the house- like festering cockroaches in the kitchen and piles of clothes in her bedroom. the narrator expresses her feeling of neglect, because no one ever tries to help her. at the end of the piece she states she wants to be a social worker one day so she can help kids just like her one day. The entire piece moved me, as well as made me think differently about what child abuse is. many think of it as parents phisically beating their children, but abuse comes in many shapes and sizes. the way this little girl had to grow up, for example, i believe is abuse.

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