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September 14, 2012
By cheersister7 BRONZE, White Heath, Illinois
cheersister7 BRONZE, White Heath, Illinois
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Olivia Stein’s story, “Inside The Pink Room”, tells a tale about fitting in at a new school. Noami, the main character, just moved from New York City. On her first day at her new school she tries to become friends with the girls who run the school. Noami’s mom has meltdowns and forgets things easily. That is why she felt like it was going to be hard to fit in with the perfect girls. Alexa, one of the popular girls, has been lying about her family too. This is what causes Noami to try to find friends that aren’t afraid to be themselves.

I liked when Noami decided the popular crowd wasn’t right for her. She wanted friends that weren’t afraid to tell the world their struggles. I think everyone deserves that type of friends. I also loved how Olivia showed even the perfect kids don’t actually have a perfect life.

I can tell Olivia Stein knows what it is like to be in Noami’s position. Even if this has never happened to her, maybe she has seen someone experience it. Applause to Olivia for showing nobody is perfect. These are some reasons I enjoyed reading this story.

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