"The Master"

September 14, 2012
In the poem “The Master” by Alexa Hill she talks about how her true love breaks her heart and laughs at her pain. This poem was well written and has captured my heart. She had vivid details in her writing that makes me feel like I am the girl stuck with the broken heart.

I can somewhat relate to this poem because I was dating someone that I really liked and they broke my heart and they didn’t care. It was very painful when they had done it and I know how bad it hurts to have your heart broken.

The poem kind of reminds me of “The Highway Man” because it repeats the description of the Master in the poem who broke the girl’s heart. Also in the “The Highway Man” the girl dies to try to save her love. In “The Master” it feels like to the girl that her love stabbed her in the heart with a dagger by breaking up with her.

Over all I think that this poem had a very well written base. It also had an amazing adjectives that described everything that was going on in the poem.

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