summer bummer feedback

September 13, 2012
By kyle kaufmann BRONZE, White Heath, Illinois
kyle kaufmann BRONZE, White Heath, Illinois
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I read “Summer bummer” by Ashley Green, is about the worst summer ever. Summer was always when you where a kid. You would go places on vacation or you would go to the pool and o other cool stuff. Now since I’m older we don’t do that much stuff anymore now summer is getting less and less fun. My parents are wanting me to detassel corn and I don’t want to. I still want to do fun stuff for a little bit longer. I still want to play in my golf tournaments.

Detasseling is not a lot of fun cause you’re in that out in the hot sun for half the day. So it is very miserable out in the corn field. Being a kid is starting to end I wish it could be a little bit longer.

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