Taking Back Control,feedback

September 13, 2012
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In Cara’s article “Taking Back Control”, she really gives us the true feel of true terrible pain. When she was just 15 years old Cara was raped. She describes on all of the pain and depression she went through. Cara really didn’t want to see anyone or speak to anyone cause of the rape and pain she went through. She tried denial, rejected therapy, smoked, drank, and even stopped eating. In result she got really skinny. But in her junior year of high school Cara realized that she couldn’t let the rape control her life. So she started to take control and not let the rape bring her down, but she rose above the situation.

Cara says that rape is not a word that most people can hear and understand immediately. Which I think is true. People joke about it and use it in terms of saying you were beaten or they even joke with other people at school. But I like that she tells us that because she went through the pain and the depression for writ a while. So people really shouldn’t be able to joke about it because actual people have been raped and to them it isn’t a joke. So Cara I thank you for writing about this so we could really understand how terrible it is and how it can affect your life. So I thank you and I am truly sorry that you went through this and I only hope that no one else has to go through what you did.

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