The Woman in Black

May 25, 2012
By April_M. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
April_M. SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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Kevin C’s review on The Woman in Black is in sync with my perspective on the film. The movie’s eerie mood is developed with every note the piano sings in the intro scene. Although the plot is slightly foggy in the beginning, shocking imagery and jolting scenes leave the audience in disbelief, shocked and hungry for another golden piece to the puzzle. Daniel Radcliffe’s astounding theatrical performance brought to vivid life the inner conflict of the character he plays. In this movie, he portrays a single dad and struggling paralegal facing his most trying case yet, one of an alleged haunted house and slaughter of a young boy, all the while maintaining a grip on his sanity. Though cut short and leaving a few questions hanging in the air, this marvelous film is one I enjoyed and would highly recommend.

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