Daddy Issues

May 25, 2012
By Anonymous

The poem Daddy Issues by Kiarra L is a very good poem for someone who lost their dad, whether it was because of drugs, a fight, or he just left on his own. This poem reminds me of my dad. It makes me think about what he did to me and my siblings; how he abandoned us one day. I always say that I'm not gonna talk to him but i can't resist. I tell myself that talking to him is a bad idea, but something reels me back in. I can do good without him in my life because I have a real father-figure; someone that takes care of me and supplies me with everything. Someone that knows what's wrong. I'd like to thank my real dad for abandoning me as a child because I've grown with a NEW father. But sometimes I just wonder... is my dad thinking of me? I agree with everything that Kiarra is saying in the poem because I feel the same pain... Thank you Kiarra for making me stronger by knowing that I'm not the only one with this type of pain.

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