Dear Sexits Pigs

May 23, 2012
Alexandra Z, not only do I agree with you, but I also applaud you. With creativity and correctly used sarcasm, you have expressed your views on male dominance and their sexist views and have made it clear it is ridiculous. Sexism does not only occur in Algebra class but outside in the real world, it’s an everyday life occurrence. Daily females are belittled by males with their comments, jokes, and their actions. Even in the work force, men are paid more than women and usually have higher positions. Fortunately, the world is changing and studies have shown that in the next few years, women will earn or become as equally or more successful than men. Females are stating their grounds and becoming a strong independent force. Women and men should respect each other and understand we are equal. Alexandra, your article was interesting to read because you acknowledge that sexism exits and you state its ridiculousness.

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