Review on "Fitting In" by Sagechime

May 17, 2012
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This essay is really touching. It begins by creating a background story. She and her siblings obviously do not get enough food and they are so hungry and starving that their natural instinct is to gobble up whatever they can get their hands on. Fitting In is a perfect portrayal of the shame that America’s culture places on children who are just trying to survive, by sending the subliminal message that you are only good enough when you are perfect. According to Sagechime she feels this shame tenfold. Ending her essay on the note “I am not a size seven,” shows that she wishes she was. She clearly wants to share the hurt caused by such “standards of normalcy,” and how it affects a person that would otherwise probably be happy with themselves. The irony of this title says it all - fitting in is the goal -but this is impossible when everyone is naturally different in every way. Therefore the process in trying to fit it is detrimental to happiness, because it is not reasonable.

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