The Teenage Life of a Teacher's Daughter

April 26, 2012
By AshleyDanielle BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
AshleyDanielle BRONZE, Bedford, Kentucky
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Ever wonder what it’s like to be the teacher’s daughter, yet alone be a teenager at the same time? It is definitely a tricky life to live. Just think, if you where a fifteen year old teenage girl that was in her freshmen year of high school; your dad was the freshmen science and algebra 1 teacher in your school. How would you present yourself? You want to be a regular teenager and make mistakes every once in a while, but this is definitely not what others expect you to be like. Most people expect me to be the girl that does everything I’m told and never messes up. You are stuck right in the middle of things about what others expect and want out of you versus what you want to be like. Which route do I normally take? I try to be myself while doing what everyone else expects and wants out of me just because I know that this is the right way to take if I want to succeed in life. Yes, I do mess up every once in a while but what people have to understand is that I’m not perfect. No one is perfect.

Other teenagers are always wondering what it’s like to be the teacher’s daughter. It seems like sometimes I just get asked multiple questions a day on what my life is like since my dad is the teacher. Here are some of the questions:

Do you always get in trouble about getting bad grades on school work and tests?
A lot of people would automatically think that I get in trouble for bad grades on school papers and especially on tests. Normally it just depends on how important the grade of the assignment will affect the over all grade. I have only gotten a “C” once in my life time and it was on a progress report. The most they told me was to get the “C” up to at least a “B” by the time the actual report cards come out. My grades haven’t ever been a worry for my parents really.

If I did have him in class, would he make it easier or harder on me?
I have been lucky enough not to have my dad in an actual class. With him being a teacher, he would expect more things from me; therefore, he would definitely make it harder on me. Although he would make it harder on me, he does also understand that I am a teenager and I will make mistakes.

Do teachers ever threaten that they are going to tell your dad on you?
Sometimes teachers expect more out of other teacher’s kids. I can see why in a way I guess. So, yes teachers have told me that they are going to tell my dad on me. In the past, I’ve noticed that it’s mostly first year teachers that use the “I’m going to tell your dad” card. I really don’t know why though. To be totally honest with you, I hate when teachers use this on me because I feel like I’m getting treated different then all of the other kids.

Is it weird when he’s at dances or other extra-curriculum school activities?
This is the most often asked question it seems like. Most of the time, it is very weird when he is at dances and extra-curriculum school activities. My dad is very good about giving me space when he is at those activities. I appreciate that most definitely, but sometimes I am just a bit jealous of other kids when their parents aren’t there at the activities at all I guess. This is just something that I’m going to have to deal with for the rest of my school years. It’s a part of life… my life.
This year I have gotten asked to prom. With me being a daddy’s little girl, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to go or not. Since my dad is a teacher at the high school, he has a choice to go to the prom also. Well, you could probably guess what happened? Yes, I was able to go but my parents had “exceptions.” My dad is going to prom to. Embarrassing right? This is one example of why I do not like him having a choice to go to every single extra-curriculum activity or every worse, dances and prom.

Does it put stress on you?
Well, duh it puts stress on me! There is so much more things to worry about it seems like when you are put in a teacher’s kid situation. My dad knows all of the kids and teachers in the school pretty much. You have to worry about him liking your friends, him liking that one boy that you have that crush on and worst of all, him finding out about that one test that you totally bombed. Another thing that puts stress on me is who (meaning students) likes my dad. You are probably asking, “Why does that matter?” Well, this matters because sometimes when a kid doesn’t like my dad, they won’t like me as much. It’s not that I really care if they like me but it’s the reason why they don’t like me. I hate when this happens. When you are just a normal teenager going to school, your parents aren’t so close to everything that you’re close to all day.

Being a teacher’s kid has a big effect on your life. A lot of times it could depend on how you perceive yourself, who your friends are, your grades, what you do out side of school, the rules at home, who accepts you and who doesn’t, and pretty much everything really, if you think about it. Being a teacher’s kid is sometimes good, sometimes bad; but when it comes down to it, I wouldn’t want my life any other way because I don’t think I would be the person I am today.

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