The Wonderful World of Facebook

April 25, 2012
By Gabrielle Tolchinsky GOLD, New York, New York
Gabrielle Tolchinsky GOLD, New York, New York
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"The Wonderful World of Facebook" by Aimee Camarena was a very interesting twist on the types of people who post on Facebook. She gives, as she describes, "a glossary of the infamous Facebook users who annoy us." Aimee gives seven different comical types of people and how they post their statuses or comments. It is a very funny and unique article.
Most people in today's day and age have a Facebook. We also have friends that are exactly the way Aimee described in her piece. This is why it is easy to relate to what she is saying and she her point of view. As i was reading this, I was mentally going over all of the people on my friends list who matched each of the categories. I really enjoyed Aimee's writing and it was definitely a different way to look at Facebook.

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