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April 26, 2012
By Liz.P GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
Liz.P GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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Finding relate-able and touching articles is pretty simple and can be done quickly. Seldom, however, do you find an article that pulls on your heartstrings and make you think "I wish I wrote that."

That's the case for The Difference by Allison W. In a relatively short passage, she manages to incorporate the meaning of beauty, the beauty of mothers, and the miracle of growing up. She discussed the contrast that she saw when looking at a picture of her mother as a young woman and a photograph of her later on after becoming a maternal figure. "...she was happy in both and beautiful in both. However, in the first she was merely pretty because she did not yet know the meaning of beautiful."

Wilder reminded all of her readers that the most beautiful women that we know are our mothers, and they only become increasingly stunning as time shapes them into females that have seen and been through it all. If there's any human being to adore, to be undoubtedly proud of, it's the woman that carried you for nine months with nothing but love in her heart.

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