Dear Sexist Pigs in My Algebra Class

April 26, 2012
By , New York City, NY
Dear Alexandra Z.

In the May issue of Teen Ink, your article, “Dear Sexist Pigs in My Algebra Class”, caught my eye. Though the article was very well-written and had a unique voice, I disagreed with the message that all boys are “sexist pigs”. This may not have been the theme you wanted to come across, but as a boy, I must say that this generalization is highly inaccurate.

Despite the fact that some boys can be extremely sexist (I have seen this with my own eyes), the male gender is not as bad as people say it is. Most boys don’t find women inferior to men, or find the female body equivalent to eye candy. In addition, a majority of the male population do not have the maturity of an eight-year old. Those boys are just extreme cases and a small percentage

But teenage boys are not the only group of flawed people in today’s world.. From a boy’s point of view, teenage girls can be just as annoying as guys. To be friends with a teenage girl, you must be a mind-reader. You must be able to deal with constant mood changes and be able to determine what is wrong. You must also be able to complement their hair, because nobody is more concerned about their visual appearance as much as a teenage girl. Though this may seem stereotypical, its true.

I’m not trying to look down on teenage girls and as you said in your article, teenage boys are not perfect human beings either. I’m just trying to make a point: teenagers of both sexes are equally flawed.


Mr. Imno T. Sexist

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