Feedback: "Luvful Lust"

March 30, 2012
By hippie98 BRONZE, Granville, Illinois
hippie98 BRONZE, Granville, Illinois
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"Loveful Lust" by Ellen Z. ,in the Febuary addition, was an amazing poem! Her opion of love is like mine, it's a cruel game that messes with our minds. Love always ends in a heart break. There are many types of love but, this kind is what you feel with a boyfriend/girlfriend; not with a family member or a friend. The love She writes about is different. A love I'm sure we have all felt at one time or another. She states "Love is funny sometimes it delights us in messing with our minds." I agree with this statment also, love is funny at times, messing with our minds and breaking our hearts. She writes what I feel but cannot put into words. Do you believe in such thing as love? Do you agree with this girls opinion of love?

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