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April 25, 2012

“Concussion Repercussions” by Pavit P. changed my feelings about pro football players and the NFL's rules. I am a huge fan, and before I read this article I thought that the NFL was too over the top about concussions. I thought they were treating the players like babies. Clearly I was wrong.

One statistic that really caught my attention was that “the number of concussions in the NFL since 2008 has increased by 35 percent, with an average of twelve per week.” I had no idea that the rate of concussions was this high. I was also shocked when I read that “former NFL stars Tom McHale and Andre Waiters both died at the age of 45.” This shows how serious concussions can be. I was really impressed with Pavit's writing style and how well he backed up his statements.

Pavit also used great words to describe the reality of concussions. Words like “horrifying” and “violently” really got the message across of how dangerous concussions are. Words like “grave head injuries” and “bone-crushing injuries” made me think about how devastating concussions can be.

Thank you, Pavit, for your magnificent article. It changed my opinion of the NFL's concussion policy. I have one question for you: do you think there is any way that the NFL could design a helmet that would indicate when a player gets a concussion?

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