March 29, 2012
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“Murderer!” by Laura H is both light hearted and serious. Laura believes that eating Marshmallow Peeps falls under the category of murder. She tells us the story of how she spends hundreds of dollars every Easter buying out all the Marshmallow Peeps sold in her area. A story from Laura’s childhood is also shared. When she was six, she witnessed her mother blow up one of the delicious treats in the microwave. She saw the fluffy figure melt and lose its eyes.
Although to many, this may seem silly, but Laura does not take the topic very lightly. She explains her opinion of how eating Marshmallow Peeps is equal to murder and should not be done. Personally, I enjoy “murdering” Peeps. They are very sweet, and a fun decoration in the Easter basket. Overall, this was a cute piece, which shows readers a different side to what seems normal.

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