Please Write Properly

March 29, 2012
This isn't about any person or written work in particular, but about some article in general. A lot of the articles I've read are written in short-hand. These articles are written in "text-form" as I like to call it. For example; u instead of you, 4 instead of for, cuz instead of because, idk instead of I don't know, etc. This is a literary magazine/website and I believe the articles should be written in formal English. In the future, when you write, you're going to have to write in formal English. Short-hand should be limited to texting and IMing. That's just my opinion(:

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KmeepIsTheOneThatMeeps said...
Apr. 13, 2013 at 11:36 am
Good message, bumblebee_babii. Does anyone know what 'Literate means? People, come on. this iz not riting. it seems as if it iz  makin me illiterat. 
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