Plastic Perfection Review

March 9, 2012
Dear Cheryl Gray, I strongly disagree with your article on Barbie and her perfection influencing people on becoming a living Barbie in order to be perfect just like Barbie. Barbie does seem perfect and to some, even a role model due to not only her looks but also her personality. As a child, my favorite toy was Barbie, all I cared about and wanted was Barbie and buying her accessories and luxuries. In my imagination, I was living as Barbie and having a great time. Although it all seemed like glory and stars, I began growing up and I began to search for my own dreams, my decisions, and most importantly my own personality definitely not a dolls! My belief is “if you are beautiful on the inside, then you are definitely gorgeous on the outside”. Truly, I always thought Barbie was not created to bring girls self esteem down but have girls realize that Barbie seems so beautiful even with her “perfect” body figure because she always seems so self confident and truly happy with who she is. In all Barbie movies, games, play sets, Barbie is happy with herself and gives young girls the ideology that they can do anything they set their mind on. People misinterpret that idea and think that looking just like Barbie will automatically make them feel just like Barbie and accomplish all of her achievements in life. My advice is to look for your dreams and personality, and looking healthy is more perfect and beautiful than any doll created in the phase of the Earth!

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