Rmembering Pablo

March 9, 2012
By Ceidleigh BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Ceidleigh BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Ashley Yasik’s community service essay letter, “Remembering Pablo,” was a sad yet truly inspiring article. The story was enchanting, holding the reader close with every passing word. Ms. Yasik’s essay was about her tutoring a young boy from Chile named Pablo, who cannot walk due to a disease that was eating away at his bones. After months of tutoring and befriending Pablo, Ms. Yasik experiences a miracle. “He stood up and took his first steps.” The story takes an epic turn as Pablo returns home and faces massive earthquake, and no one knowing whether or not he is ok. You can tell how passionate the writer is about her essay, and how truly heartbroken she is worrying about Pablo every day. This article proves how much someone can truly impact you life.

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