Crew: My Obsession

March 9, 2012
By Alysha Frias BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Alysha Frias BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Reading “Crew: My obsession”, Ava Zwolinki, helped me to realize that something we love, is in fact an obsession. It’s strange that something so alien to different people is so ordinary to others, and can make them feel so good about themselves. Everyone has an obsession there’s just a difference between a healthy one and a bad one; good thing for you, yours is healthy. For everyone it’s good to have that healthy obsession it helps us relieve stress and takes us to a world where we can just forget about everything else. When you say “I fell in love”, I, as much as anyone else would say, have fallen in love to. It comes different to everyone whether it is music, sport art, or anything for that matter, and for me it’s walking. I can do it anywhere at any time it relaxes me more than anything else , and helps me forget all my troubles just as crew does for you, and it’s good to know that someone can express themselves in what they love the most.

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