"Plastic Perfection" by Cheryl Gray

March 9, 2012
By Katniss_Fire BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
Katniss_Fire BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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"Plastic Perfection" by Cheryl Gray is a phenomenal article. I can relate well to the feeling that they wish they looked like Barbie. However, we cannot blame this all on Barbie, the media and airbrushed models also play a role.
I never owned a Barbie because my parents feared what it would do to my self image; however their efforts have failed because I have been told I have an unnatural fear that I am too ugly to be accepted by society. Although I never owned the Barbie, I owned several "Skippers" the slightly stouter, more imperfect teen version of Barbie, but still had an intimidating figure.

The Media and models has not helped either. For example Vogue just announced how excited they were to have a plus-sized model: size 8. In what world is a size 8 plus sized?
Thank you, Cheryl, once again for your article. Because of it, you made me realize how ridiculous it seems to let a plastic doll or media blippit define you. I am now going to work on my self esteem issues. Thank you for changing the way I think.

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