We Need to Talk

March 7, 2012
By bunny904 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
bunny904 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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“We Need to Talk” by Joe Liccion is a piece that I found very honest and thought provoking. Written in third person, the reader is introduced to a teenage boy who lives in a shattered home with parents who are constantly fighting. When playing the drums does not work in drowning out the screams one night as it usually does, he decides to take a walk outside. The character adjusts his pace and thoughts to the current song on his iPod-ranging from gloomy to upbeat to invincible. The last song motivates him to make the decision which he should have made before; he returns home and tells his parents that he wants to talk.
This piece is inspirational and courageous. The boy finds these sorts of arguments and fights typically in his home. He has figured out ways to soothe himself and understands that his parents will never tell him what has happened. After finally realizing that this is too much for him to handle, his favorite song helps him in finding enough bravery to head home and confront his parents. In my opinion, teenagers in similar situations should, although it sounds clichéd, also stand up for themselves and say what is on their minds. I am glad pieces like this are published in Teen Ink because they may be very relatable to some readers and it shows them that they are not the only ones who face similar conflicts.

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