Plastic Perfection

March 23, 2012
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In “Plastic Perfection” Cheryl Gray is making the point evident that many young girls want to be a life sized Barbie doll. Gray gives many different statics, proving it to be almost impossible to be a life sized Barbie doll.

Cheryl Gray wrote “Plastic Perfection” with a mindset that Barbie could be both good and bad. She starts with all the accomplishments Barbie had done, such as, different occupations and being independent. She later gets into the appearance and negative message of Barbie. I agree that Barbie is abnormally perfect, but I don’t think she’s necessarily setting any bad examples. She shows young girls that they can be anything when they grow up. Barbie’s image is the perfect well-rounded role model that many girls look up to. Barbie should stay they way she is image wise, and she should keep expanding with all the different accomplishment she has done.

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