Recycling Rebellion

March 23, 2012
By et_2013 SILVER, Holgate, Ohio
et_2013 SILVER, Holgate, Ohio
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In Aubrey Egeberg’s article “Recycling Rebellion” of the March edition of Teen Ink, I admire the dedication and courage that Aubrey had while pushing for the need to recycle. It is our job to keep this Earth clean and beautiful. I honestly don’t know why it took her boss so long to get a recycling program started though. Recycling bins are usually by the trashcans anyway, so why is it harder to put your recyclables in the bin? Someone was just going to throw it away anyways; the recycle bin is right there. Now, I’m not normally a die-hard save the environment person, but if we all do our part by just putting our recyclables in the bin, it can make a big difference.

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