Review to "Plastic Perfection"

March 21, 2012
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When first reading the article “Plastic Perfection”, you are introduced to Cindy Jackson a women who like the tons of millions of girls in the U.S. past and present were given a Barbie doll to play with. Like many of these girls she dressed up her doll, made sure her hair was done in the latest fashions and dreamed up the perfect life for her doll and herself. Which then influenced many girls to strive to reach for their goals and follow their dreams, influencing them in many positive ways as said in the article. But what took me by surprise was Barbie’s negative influence on these young girls as well. Some girls took away from Barbie her perfect body and flawless beauty and began to see the imperfections in their own, resulting in those girls striving for her perfect-ness, whether by starving oneself or having expensive operations to remake their appearance. It is amazing to see what we think is trivial or unimportant effects us the most. I liked this article it opened my eyes and allowed me to get new prospective.

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