Understanding the Swimmer

March 21, 2012
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I thought the non-fiction article “Everyone Loves a Medley” by Alison Zimmerman was very well written. It was about a 9 year old swimmer swimming the 100 IM, and winning the race. She described the race in full detail and the description was powerful that anyone could picture the scene in their head. I am also a swimmer, so I could understand her emotions and how she felt when she won the event for the first time, at a young age.

The writer was very effective in engaging the reader and captivating our attention. By the end of the piece, I was reading faster and faster to see if she would win the race or not. She used phrases such as “my arms were blades on a windmill” and “I heaved air into my lungs” to symbolize how she was feeling towards the end of the race. It made it very easy for the reader to understand what the writer was thinking and feeling at the time.

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