Response to "Never Underestimate A Girl" by Amanda727

March 20, 2012
By JuliaMadelyn SILVER, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
JuliaMadelyn SILVER, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
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I read the song lyrics, "Never Underestimate A Girl" by Amanda727 and the lyrics caught my attention. The song lyrics show that girls do not need a man to live their life. She uses Belle from the Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast. And, Ariel from the Disney movie, The Little Mermaid. The chorus shows that girls can be independent. And, that girls know more then guys think they do. Let's face it, guys will always think they are better then girls.

I can really relate to this song. Ex-boyfriends will always try to make you feel inferior after a break up so you feel like you made the mistake. Personally, I think this song could be one of those songs that saves some one's life.

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