Psych 101

March 20, 2012
By Anonymous

As I read through the story called “Psych 101” by Stephanie it made me realize that there are millions of people going through problems each and every day. In the story she talks about how she thought it was normal to write a suicide note. As for many people some do think its normal. She starts to talk about how she gets send to a hospital because of what she wanted to do. She thought everyone there was just like her. Going through the same stuff.

She soon realized that half of the kids were there just because of Child Protective Services. They couldn’t find a place for them. Which made me think about all the times I said I wanted to Die or Runaway. I really liked the story because it made me realize that I should appreciate life. If I felt like this towards this story imagine how others who read this story felt. I feel that Stephanie did a great job at this story

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