Resonse to End the D.A.R.E. Dynasty

March 20, 2012
By Anonymous

I just finished reading the D.A.R.E story. It made me realize that the D.A.R.E. association isn’t efficient. Not everything they say are realistic. The just say no technique as said in the story doesn’t work well with children. Most children just want to fit in with others, so if they see others doing something they would want to as well. We do waste billions of dollars on something that hasn’t been working well enough. If people can find a better way to help find a better way to help children and keep them away from all the use of drugs. I would rather people show children results of doing drugs. Show them people from all over the world, that have done it and show them how horrible things can get. The death rate of drug abuse is too high. People want to make their community safer and drug free. I feel the best way is to show them survivors, videos, etc. Kids will then realize that this is no joke and won’t do it because of the consequences.

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