Changing My Adjectives MAG

March 20, 2012
By BrigitteG SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
BrigitteG SILVER, Phoenix, Arizona
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With sadness I must agree with “Erin's” article “Changing My Adjectives.” In today's society, a growing number of young women do not know the difference between a healthy relationship and a dangerous one, from what I have observed. With a simple apology from their loved one, many go back to their abuser believing he will change, but in reality once a person gets used to hitting another, he will continue. It is a mistake for these girls to believe they, without any professional help, are capable of changing an abuser.

Unfortunately, as “Erin” says, those who continue to forgive hide the consequences “with layers of makeup” and by isolating themselves from friends and family. I encourage abuse victims to seek help for a better life. Thank you, “Erin,” for exposing the consequences of abusive relationships.

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