An Unhealthy Inheritance

March 7, 2012
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          "An Unhealthy Inheritance" is an article I feel we can all relate to. The article revolves around "Amy," who lives under the threat of addiction and how it can possess her and her life. That isn't even the worst part of it, however - what's more surprising is how she believes addiction is in her genes, passed down through generations of alcohol. She is terrified at the risk of becoming addicted to alcohol, so much that she refuses to take drugs or drink it.
          I whole-heartedly support this belief. The fact of the matter is that alcohol is the leading cause of death in America, killing 613,000 citizens per year, a statistic from "End the D.A.R.E. Dynasty." I cannot reach a peace of mind when I realize children's genes can become time bombs waiting to detonate because their parents took drugs or drank a beer too many. With alcohol already plaguing some of my own family, it is only natural that I try to stand against it. Thank you, Amy, for attempting to tell the world how alcohol has plagued your life and that it can become an "unhealthy inheritance" for children like us. 

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