Plastic Perfection

March 5, 2012
By olivia1023 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
olivia1023 GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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“Plastic Perfection”, by Cheryl Gray, was a piece I found to be honest and relatable. The article begins with Cheryl describing a woman with a seemingly distorted face. We soon find out this woman is Cindy Jackson, whose love for Barbie dolls, like most girls, began at a young age. She has had countless operations in order to look as humanly close to a Barbie doll as possible.
Many owners of Barbie dolls face insecurities. These young girls feel that they have to look like this plastic doll in order to be what society deems “beautiful.” Barbie’s looks, proportions, and “life” is unrealistic. Barbie gives someone the idea that you can get anywhere in your life by your looks, such as “Barbie the Doctor”, or “Barbie the Popstar” play sets. Barbie dolls can be a bad influence in modern society, and I agree with all the points Cheryl Gray makes in her article.

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