Do you remember when

March 5, 2012
By angelamak SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
angelamak SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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“Do you remember when” written by Sara Strack from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, truly captures the essence of growing up. We all at one point want to go back to the days when we had someone to tuck us in or hold our hand as well crossed the street. However sooner or later, we want to be more independent. As time goes by, and we grow up, what we usually want is no longer the same. There are more worries and after a while, we all just want out biggest problem to be a broken crayon once more. When we were kids, we didn't realize how hard life would be; we didn’t realize that things would change as well as our perspectives.

The first line of “Do you remember when” gets my attention immediately. It says “we were little and unaware” lets me relate and understand how the writer feels. The last line “because I don’t” leaves me with a chill, showing how much our childhood has been left behind. After reading this poem, thinking back, I realize how much my childhood went to waste, how I grew up too fast. I know now that I should appreciate what I have now, and do what makes me happy, before I forget those little details that once made me excited. Just remember, that you may want to grow up, but when you finally do, you’ll miss it.

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