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March 5, 2012
By Larisa GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
Larisa GOLD, Brooklyn, New York
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Recently reading the latest edition of Teen Ink, I came across a poem called “Addiction” by Bree D that stood out to me far more than the others. It was a poem about Bree having an addiction to music; hearing rhythms and notes wherever she went. It was a poem that consisted of both sophistication and elegance. Each line seemed to intrigue the readers more and more into feeling the influence and power of music. The strong descriptive words made the readers want to become a part of the scene to imagine the “silent melody enchanting the room.” The entire poem was coming deep from the soul, where the author felt that “music filled every dark crevice and every crack in the sidewalk.”

Not only was this poem moving, many people could relate to this at a personal level. Everyone has something that they have a passion for. Some people love their passion so much that they become “addicted” to it, and it seems to appear everywhere for them. This poem helps to create the sensation and fascination when someone becomes so captivated with their passion. It creates a full image in the reader’s head. The words become lifelike across the page and the reader sees everything come to life in their imagination.

“Addiction” is such a well-written poem that keeps the reader thinking about it even after he/she has finished the poem. There isn’t a line out of place. All of the words flow together, holding such a meaningful presence in relation to the central message. It comes as no surprise to me that it was published in Teen Ink.

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