The Girls' Bathroom (feedback)

March 5, 2012
By MaybeForever SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
MaybeForever SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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“The Girls’ Bathroom” by Elizabeth L has the perfect balance of something I can’t put words to. It is vague enough as to where the characters do not have names but impersonal titles that someone only examining the physical would give. But yet we are given a sneak peek into the personal lives of these girls. They all have completely different complexes but seek solace in the same place, a stall in the girl’s bathroom. The way the piece is written it almost feels like you’re a ghost on the ceiling slowly watching the events of one girl’s life unfold into the other. They all think they’re alone but never really are. They retreat to the bathroom to try and deal with their woe’s privately but the bathroom holds so many secrets that you feel a heavy sadness and it’s almost as if the bathroom itself is waiting to exhale. The last two lines of the piece sum it up beautifully and the author’s craft of reaming vague actually make it all the more relatable. “It is where girls cry, laugh, rise and fall. It is the girls’ bathroom.”

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