George Lopez

March 5, 2012
Jessica C wrote that “George Lopez” is a “hilarious…family drama.” Is that the case? Not really. Let’s take a close look. The jokes are all the same – constant insults about George’s large head, Latino jokes, and making fun of George’s mother and wife get dry after a while.
The situation of “George Lopez” is also highly improbable. Can someone’s life really be that horrible? George is dyslexic, grew up without a dad and an uncaring mother, has a dyslexic son, a “revolting” daughter, and not that nice of a job. The only good part about his life is probably his wife, which at times annoys him with her seeing only the good in things (whereas George’s bad childhood left him with a cynical view on life).
At most, the show deserves a 5/10 – and even that’s pushing it.

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